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Why human incarnation generally hesitant to perform miracles?

Why human incarnation generally hesitant to perform miracles?

It is very difficult to accept the human incarnation while alive. Only very few blessed souls who are already liberated and accompanied the Lord to help Him in His mission can recognize and serve the living human form of God. The repulsion to accept a co-human being even as a greater person is very difficult. Then you can never imagine any human being to accept another human being as greatest God. The human form of God is just similar to any human being.

If any specialty is exhibited, people fear and run away. To become close to the human beings, no specialty should be exhibited. If the closeness is achieved, the recognition is lost. To get recognition if some super natural aspect is exhibited, the closeness is lost. Between closeness and recognition, which is better to be retained at the cost of the other? The recognition destroys the freedom to discuss with the Lord and clarify the doubts.
The husband hears the advices from the wife in close association. Therefore through closeness, even if the identification is not there, the soul can be guided into the right path through convincing the soul by preaching. Instead of convincing the soul by exhibiting the super power, which induces the conviction though fear, it is better to induce the conviction through the super talent exhibited in preaching. Even if you think of the human incarnation as a preacher (Guru), there is nothing wrong. If you do not recognize Him as God, His crown has not fallen on the ground.
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