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Unhappy Please don't sign off.

Shalom Rivkah,

It was not my intent to make you leave so soon. I hope you reconsider, for if you really understood what I had just written to you, you would not sign off.

Just something to bring you back. I did go and read some of what you have posted at the Theology Forum, and it appears that you do agree with some of what I have said:
Same thing for all people, anywhere in the time line. Righteousness is not OURS innately. OUR righteousness is as a menstrual rag. But the Torah is perfect and represents the righteousness of G-d. "Torah" comes from an archery term that means to hit the mark. It is the bullseye for which we aim. But we are unable, no matter how many works we perform in accordance to the commandments, to hit that bullseye. To stand righteous before G-d, we take the perfect score of Yeshua, who DID hit the bullseye.
I agree with you that the flesh cannot hit the bullseye, that it is impossible to do so. But where I disagree with you is where you take the perfect score of Yahshua and then apply it to your marksmanship. That's substitution, and I do not agree with substituting someone else's righteousness into a sinner's account. Does not Paul tell us that it is the DOERS of the Torah who will be declared righteous, not the hearers? And aren't we told by Yahweh through Ezekiel that even the families of Job, Daniel, and Noah would not be saved by substituting the righteousness they had to their families? To have righteousness, one MUST do the Torah, and this is where transgression and Grace you know where I am going?

Blessings in The Name,
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