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Post 1st post on "Why the Torah was added."

Shalom All,

I am going to start a new thread here with 3 posts. These posts will consist of a conversation between myself and EliYah (of EliYah's I would like to bring over the initial posts from EliYah's and see if we could continue on with it here. Hopefully, it will be easy to follow, and it' not that much reading to get a good idea of the different views concerning WHY the Torah was added.

Author: ImAHebrew
Topic: Why the Torah was "added."
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Posted 10-25-2001 02:39 PM
Shalom EliYah,
I was wondering if we could have an "open" discussion on why the Torah was added, in the True Faith Forum?

Blessings in The Name,


Author: EliYah
Topic: Why the Torah was "added."
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Posted 10-25-2001 03:58 PM
Shalom ImaHebrew,

Previously, this forum was a free for all forum where any could post or reply or discuss. The format of "The True Faith" forum is now in a question & answer format.

The following is a description of the new format:

* All are free to post a new topic that includes a question regarding the studies and/or beliefs expressed on this web site. One need not agree with the beliefs expressed on this web site.

* Only the moderator and those whom the moderator appoints may reply to the questions listed on this forum.

Nevertheless, if you have some understandings of scripture to share which indicate I (or other pro-torah believers) are in error, feel free to share it here for a response

With love in His service,

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