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Olive Garden

Peace Rivkah,

Last night, which connects with this morning (5am), Mr. Hyssop took his wife and I out for dinner:

While he told me it wouldn't be good to have my usual 'whisky with a beer chaser' , we did have a rather funny conversation.

We were looking over the Menu, and I commented on all the things that I am no longer going to eat, and how often they show up in menus. We were talking about the relitiveness of how many places one will go, and run into unclean food. He then said to think about the spiritual of it in the world. I followed with the comment..."they have entire resturants dedicated just to it".

I then thought about sushi on the way home (how much I miss it), as We drove by "S@P Oyster Company." Which ironicaly has a sign on the side that reads :"Shrimp, Lobster, Beer." Two out of three ain't bad eh?

Just thought I'd share. Peace.

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