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Re: Do you know what your sins are?

Originally posted by Michael
...Matt, do you make an offering for your unintentional sins, or do the priests? What do you do about your intentional sins, since there is no offering for them?
If I sin intentionally, how sorry would I be afterwards? How sorry is someone who commits premeditated murder as opposed to the person who murders someone when he's in a moment of rage? I may be stretching it here, but I think that's the issue that Numbers 15:29-31 is dealing with. The sinner that isn't sorry cannot be forgiven, so a sacrifice wouldn't do him any good. That would be a sacrifice like those referred to in Micah 6:6-8. But the sinner that has a broken and a contrite heart- he will be forgiven, provided he offers a sacrifice as commanded by the Levitical law.

Once the sinner described in Num. 15:29-31 is cut off from his people, will he ever have a chance to come back? Is it possible for him to ever be forgiven?

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