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In traditional Judaims the prohibition against wearing womens clothes and viceversa has wide application...but in essence about transgender activities.

Largely it depends on the culture and time one lives in. Dresses nowadays would certainly be ossur, forbidden, but not necissarily a kilt (I don't know the halachah l'maseh, the rule for practice). Makeup is forbidden for a man.

Additionally men are not allowed to dye their hair. Nor the hair around their privy, and presumably their legs although I don't recall if I've seen this spelled out or not.

According to some shaving one's face is prohibited on these grounds even if a razor is not used.

Once it was prohibited for men to look into a mirror, but since this is no longer as exclusively feminine it is no longer prohibited.

Pants are forbidden because it is inherently immodest to expose the seperation between a womens upper thighs. Some however say that it is not an issue of wearing mens clothes if it is tailored for women (but still prohibited for the reason given). Others hold that if it is by nature not suitable for women it is "wearing mens clothes" regardless of how feminine the design.
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