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Old 11-24-2005, 02:21 PM
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The way of the wheat grain!

Abraham wandered towards that land, which God had promised to him. There are some important teachings in this, when Abraham wandered towards to that land, which Lord had promised to him. Because there is the life and the blessing, where is Godís promises, elsewhere is the death and the damnation. When Abraham like this obeyed God, so Lord appeared to Abraham in the plain of Moreh, where Lord, who loved Abraham renewed His promise: " Unto thy seed will I give this land. " Do you feel that God does not appear to you, and not give His blessings to you? Immediately when Abraham obeyed God, so then God appeared and promised to bless Abraham. God appears and promises His blessing for them, who obey Him. If we not obey God, He can't bless us, and He cannot appear to us, because God doesn't bless a sin, but He bless righteousness, truth, love, holiness. Real saving grace of God has appeared to us, instructing us that having denied ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live discreetly and righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and appearance of the glory of our great God and Savior yeshua, who gave Himself on our behalf, "that He might redeem us from all iniquity" "and purify" "a people" "for His own possession," zealous of good works

Abraham built an altar for God, who had appeared to him. Why does the Bible tell that Abraham built an altar to God? The altar was place, where was carried out offerings to God. There is request in letter of Roman, that we don't conformed to this age, but we transformed by the renewing of our mind, in order to prove by you what is the good and pleasing and perfect will of God. Building of the altar describes, that we don't live anymore worshipping the idols of this world and therefore, the word of God calls on you through the compassions of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service. And we will sacrifice our own life completely with all sins and with all lust's and completely forsaken them. And as dead to the sins we will serve God through the influence of His Spirit, in which we have the real life and just by way of this process, we are living in yeshua. In our life wheat grain comes to die, so that it can bear fruit to God.

Living offering is the way of the wheat grain death. So that we can have good harvest from wheat, so first the ground of the field must plough and soften. When good ground is completed, so this plough turns all upside down. This process prepares us to grow, that we learn reject sin and choose righteousness. In the same way as also the field is softened, so only the love of God can soften people's heart. If man can't face the love of God, he is like the field, which is hard, and hard ground can't produce good fruit. When that grain then is put deep to the dark ground, so hard husk, which is in the grain, prevents that fruit of the life cannot come out from the grain. That grain is like a man in hard and dark world, in which hard and proud and hardened heart of man has captured by sin and Satan and it cannot produce good fruit to God. When that grain is on the bosom of the earth so heat and moisture of rain breaks hard covering of grain. Like this wheat grain dies to itself and the fruit of the life frees out to produce good fruit to God. The heat is Love of God, which warm hard and hardened heart. Moisture of rain is Spirit of God in truth, which calls men to the kingdom of God. When the exterior of the wheat grain is broken, so it raises to the small sprout. In the beginning of the faith life we are as the small babies, which needs mature parents, which on-time gives right kind of spiritual food to babies, so that new-born child of God would grow to the healthy faith. After sprout phase from the wheat grain has grown long, empty and high straw, which reach for sky

In the beginning of the faith life we too we are as that empty straw, we reach for high thoughts of the proud heart.. But when that wheat straw matures and produces heads of grain, so then wheat straw from the weight of heads of grain bends downwards. When Spirit of the fruit matures in our heart, so we bend to love as believers one another, such as also wheat straws for the weight of heads bow one another. And when this takes place in wheat field, so crop is ripe and ready to cut. At the same thing it is in the congregation of God, if we will love one another and we are one as Father and Son is one, so to this oneness of the love Yeshua has promised, that then the people of this world turn and believe to Yeshua.

Oh, if we would become humble as the nation of God to this kind of oneness and love, because God has promised that people of this world will be saved if we believers are one and love one another. Oneness of this love is not oneness with those churches that have twist word of God and are teaching another gospel. Oneness is between to those believers, who love yeshua in deed and in truth. Such love of God can only change heart of the people according to the truth of God, where there is the truth and love. Love of God and the truth of God are one, they are inseparable, if one or the other is lost so then all are lost. Do not satisfy to the half side gospel, because from that comes then gospel of the flesh, in which is not power releases people from the slavery of the sin. Select courageously whole fullness of the gospel, so then you see around of you that people get saved. Think about this, when one wheat grain dies for itself, so it produces many new birth of the wheat (people saves). Is it as the reason if people do not come to the faith, that there is not enough those believers, who have died for their flesh. If in your life has not yet built altar to God, so start building today, God will help you building that altar of the love and truth.
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