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Old 09-29-2002, 01:02 PM
Malachiah Malachiah is offline
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in the valley with Michael and the bones

I write of my experience in the hand of the prophet Ezekiel.
At Ezekiel 37 a great valley is before us. Truly this valley is the earth. I wandered into this valley and it was a dark and cold place. A great valley of death. As i traveled down it trails great fear was upon me and the whole valley. I was lost and confused. In the trail I found a great royal garment, perhaps of some ancient great king of a better day in this valley. I was cold and I put the garment upon me. Suddenly There was light for me. Suddenly, the ground is lightened under my immediate feet and though the valley all about me is dark and evil something holy and full of light is upon me.
As I continued on down the road I found a great staff. The way was rough and nothing was straight so I took it up in hand. As I handled the staff things became straight. Suddenly great and ancient holy remembrance took hold of me. I could begin to remember the people of the robe and the staff. As I turned the staff in hand things enlivened around me though a great death and darkeness seemed to remain. As I moved the staff upon the ground Words appeared and I was guided in growing Light. And then I saw a great Angelic like presence setting upon a rock. I was drawn to this one as the only living creature in the valley. Mystical and grand is He, Messenger of the the Presence is He. I came upon the Rock with him and then I could see the bones! I was before the owner of the robe and the staff! And the Angel, the Messenger, was before these bones as a great and faithful dog waiting for his master to awake! Death was fully upon this great man but the Angel would not see that, but rather He abode faithfully waiting, envisioning his masters resurrection. Suddenly I was in this great Angel and His vision and love of these bones and their coming great day!
And now by some grand mercy and prearranged Work I am abiding in the Angel and looking upon the bones of Israel. And I hear "Son of man, Shall these bones live?" And in the whole valley I see the angel, the bones, the staff in my hand and the robe and I am face to face with YHWH of Hosts as He arises from among the dead in His people Israel! I bow the robe and the staff at each writing with one of the bones! I write blessing in particular to Michael who is Prince of the people to arise in the writing in the book now at hand. Bless you in the revelation of the Name daily! "Who is like El".....And El said let US make man in OUR image and after OUR LIKENESS" Genesis 1:26
Under this thread I will address some of your matters under the "Israel's holy war" thread. Matters of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other things that didnt exist at Exodus 17 nor do they enter the picture of the pure instruction that is in Exodus 17:8-16. Matters that must be dealt with but only from the victory of the revelation of Israel's victory written already by the hand of YHWH upon Moses. Shalom Michael and all who are Jews and those who love them. Let fear remove those that do not love the chosen ones!
Let YaHuDaH arise!
Malachiah James
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Old 09-30-2002, 10:35 AM
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Thumbs up Sitting upon our fathers shoulders.

...Malachiah, let me step back from the angel role. Unless angels are born of women, I would fail inspection at this point. I do however know where the letters of hashem come from. I have an idea of what "putting" the name of YHWH upon the JEWish people can do for us. The name of YHWH can lift us up as though we are a child upon its fathers shoulders, and carry us in esteem. I am very pleased that you have learned to see hashem in the texts of the tanakh, as you read it. "Praise Yah". YHWH loves those who love his name. But this can never come without also loving his people.

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Old 09-30-2002, 03:06 PM
Malachiah Malachiah is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Portland ,Oregon
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the Angel is the Presence before the face of the Jews

The Hebrew names are living Stones in the Name. Each one comes with an angel according to the name. You are a Jew, but Michael is with you and I sanctify him by the unspeakable gift of the Word given to my hand for this purpose. Blessing to Michael the Jew and to the Angel.
I will try to transfer some writing to this thread from my book later to day or tomarrow. Shalom!
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Old 10-17-2002, 08:28 PM
Malachiah Malachiah is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Portland ,Oregon
Posts: 45
written in my book on 10-14-02

The Word is God

Michael - Consider with your heart.

Between you and I nothing exists but the Word. We have never spoke mouth to mouth or stood face to face. Through modern technology our word appears before the face of one another. We seek in one another a God. We seek to have fellowship in this God. We know that He is near or we would not write with one another. And though He is near, it yet takes revelation to know Him even when you see Him or handle Him. Between us He is the Word. Even we agree He and Judah are one. In Judah is the ground of Israel's sanctification. And yet do we both know Him as the Word as we write? Do we know Him at hand as did the fathers in Israel? Truly in Judah I know Him as the word of the oath even as I write. I know Him as Holy Spirit in my hand as I write. And I seek this same faith in the Jews for there it has been deposited. There it has been written on the scroll of your heart and sealed with seven seals! There I read and there I write.

Now with nothing but the Word between us I measure faith to you O Michael of Judah! Truly you come to me as an angel and not as man. You write as you speak, not as one with the oath in hand. I come with faith. I tell you my country, state, city. I tell you that if we met face to face on the streets of Portland we would still be writing. My daily book would be between us and we would write and find the true God who is the Word! Upon the breaking of that bread our mouths would speak. We would establish ourselves as man on earth by writing together as Judah before our mouth spoke as angels. Man was made to handle the Word His God. Man was made to write forth holy ground for the speaking angels to abide upon. All who speak beyond the measures of the hand of man are rebellious spirits that have made the world drunken.

And so Michael, you do not know the Word as God in hand as did your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as they wrote, thus your write but not in faith. You claim to be a Jew, but I have never seen you or spoken with you. I know not your parents or even your city. So you merely come in convenience of the computer in an angelic way, not as a man in relationship with his members through the handling of the Word. You truly thus come to me as Michael the angel and I show you my ground as a man so that I might wrestle the sanctification of Judah! An angel is a messenger. A spirit. He has no residence on earth as man except in man's authority. Judah must arise in the unspeakable gift of the Word of the oath and measure holy ground for the Holy Angel to abide. So in faith I stand as son of man on the ground of Portland and write to the Angel Michael who has come to me in the net upon one of the bones of Israel that has been scattered to the ends of the earth unto a ground called Washington. In faith I do bless this hidden one. I see him as the lamb of Judah and I lay my holy hands upon his head as offering to Yahweh of hosts. Blessed be the Lamb for in my hand he shall appear before all angels as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

The Word I write is living and is your staff O Judah!

Son of man, James Malachiah
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