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Old 02-13-2003, 10:35 PM
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Lightbulb life and death

Life and death

The creator of the universe created life and first human being when and where /we donít know. Life is the most precious thing in the universe. The humane beings are the special creation. They are not the animals or the evolution of the animals. Only the humans were created on a nature befitting this supreme creation. This is the nature of being able to differentiate between good and evil. This quality in mankind is harmonious. The quest for the God is natural in humans/this being the purpose for which mankind was created. This natural thirst is mostly tarnished by selfishness[mixed up with the wish to establish the supremacy of a particular cult ,personality, race ,language, or anything else which a person\community think belong to them].if this selfishness is excluded the humans will be on a one religion\belief, as they all are created on one nature.
Life is how much precious/ we donít know or we donít have and will not have a scale to measure. If we ask a young poor boy to change his life, [if practicable] with a very rich elder person, he may not and will not agree at all, if he has a sense of life. Any material gain canít be substitute of life, a persons life is the whole of mankind by itself. A person dies and leaves behind all the relations and affiliations, contracted during lifetime. After death he or she has not any race, language, caste, cult, motherland or anything which he or she deemed his/her own. Alas the persons donít realize this. They think, they will be a part of all these and will be observing/enjoying all the hatreds, loves, vengeance, likings, dislikings etc. If a person realizes the death in its absolute real sense, then it is very easy to understand the purpose of life. But how precious the life may be, we all have to die sooner or later. Every thing must end except the God. Life is too short to be contented, even it is doubled, tripled==========.
Shall we perish totally /no, I donít believe this. This is too horrible and the God has not created me to end like this. The God has sparkled in me a soul /that desires to live an endless life and will not be contended less than this.
No matter if death comes, but we should not put our lives in risk without a cause. The life has no alternative. But when there is a just/right cause the life can be sacrificed and this is Godly. The God has given life and it should only be given in the name of the God. All noble causes/actions are liked by the God. Protecting the innocent [including self]/helping the needy or to fulfill the moral obligations are Godly action. We must perform those in the name of the God.
If a person dies a sudden death or any kind of natural death and he or she is a believer /he or she has also given his life to God. To take life of any person without a just cause is a very big sin. It should only be taken, when it is inevitable and unavoidable. Again it is necessary to take life in the name of the God. A fight for justice is Godly. Love mankind and above all love the God. Except the God everyone is vulnerable to evil. To do well is Godly and the God is with every good deed.
By the name of the God, the one God, the God of the universe, the God of mankind, He who is not the God of communities, God of religions or God of groups. He who listens to words spoken and unspoken prayers, not necessarily in a special language, in special manners, by special people in special places.
I have to say that humans are born and humans die. When a baby is born he/she recognizes his/her mother when she feeds him/her with her breast and gives motherís love. Then he/she gets aware of the surroundings, people, relations, friends, enemies, religions, forefathers, history of forefathers, nations, races and all. He/she is a human; we tell and teach him/her about all these attachments. These attachments are neither good nor bad but when humans grow selfish and proud on the basis of these attachments is bad and un-Godly. The humans should try to suppress such feelings. Total suppression of such feelings though not impossible but is very difficult. The God loves those who strive to suppress these un-Godly feelings in defiance of the allurements by the devil. So I mean the humans are born, neither Christian nor Muslims, neither Europeans nor Asians, neither good nor bad.
When he/she dies, this again is a death of a human, neither rich nor poor, neither noble nor mean, neither honorable nor disgraced, neither Israelite nor Palestinian, neither Indian nor Pakistani but a human only. Only the God is the authority to decide on him/her. Our efforts how great these might be can not make any difference among the two dead humans, no matter how big the disparity might seem to us who are living, looking and feeling. Different ceremonies, big ceremonies, small ceremonies, no ceremonies can not at all make any difference between the two but only a satisfaction for the performers and for those who claim to be attached to the dead. I do not mean that on their part this is not good. This is natural to feel the separation of those who are beloved, dear and in the larger context the good humans. These feelings can be the base of prayer for the departed soul. This is good and not at all bad. I shall desire a prayer by good, sincere friends rather than those who hold high offices in any community or those who cherish high esteem and repute in my community even they pray in the most holy place, because their prayers for me will be ceremonial and from good friends I expect the sincerity. Sincerity can also be expected from unknown good humans.
I mean who so ever dies is a human and leaves behind all the attachments contracted in this world. His dead body should be respected by all, by his enemies also even they themselves have killed him because this is a human body, this is not their enemy, and their enemy died and is no more. To be buried or burnt makes no difference for him though I think to bury is better.
In the God I trust and I pray to make this the base of my satisfaction for ever.

Lucky/ Unlucky

Lucky is the person, who is enjoying life,
Who is he and who is she, who is that lucky?
One who eats well or wears well?
One who is rich enough or one who eats and lives
One who lives in a palace or one in a cottage?
One having sons and daughters or one having none
One who gains repute or unknown who dies?
Has tomb on his grave or unmarked that lies?

It is said that lucky are born rich,
Worry nothing and smoothly they live,
Being envied by others satisfies them much,
Even then despair often gives them a bitter touch.

It is said that healthy ones are lucky,
They enjoy life better than the sick,
They also fear the loss of their health,
And certainly, only health is not the life itself.

The clergy says, he knows who are lucky,
Those who agree with him and doesnít dissent,
He guarantees for them the paradise of the God,
The place of eternal pleasures he reserves for them.

The people say, those who unite are lucky,
They gain strength to protect and excess,
They threaten the weak and power they show,
Then to have a natural fall prouder they grow.

Are those lucky who live unto the old age?
They live longer but feeble and frail,
Disfigured in shape, a burden for youth and young,
They also love the life, as love all that lives.

Lucky or unlucky I am, I donít know,
I havenít knowledge and power to compete or apprehend,
My lord, the lord of the universe, I am yours and yours only,
So help me, guide me, and take me as a whole.

If you accept me, lucky or unlucky doesnít matter,
I feel then much satisfied and I am much grateful,
The devil some times makes me feel that I am great,
Even then forgive me my lord, you are the merciful.
the god is te god of universe, the god of mankind and not of religions, communities or groups.
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